Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365... Year 2010

So I decided that instead of using my main blog to participate in Project 365, I would make my own sub-blog just for the occasion.

Project 365 challenges you to take a photo every day for the entire year so that you may reflect on things you did, places you saw, foods you ate, and so on.  If you are like me, and have an absolutely TERRIBLE memory, you will understand that sometimes you don't remember the minor details in life.

When I realized that I had such a horrible memory, I dove into the world of photography.  Through my picture-taking, I remember things I would not ordinarily remember.  It is fun for me to see pictures of when Konnor first rolled over, or when Ariana ate her first bites of rice cereal, or even when I went to West Virginia to visit Justin for the first time.  Those memories, had it not been for my camera, would be hidden somewhere deep in my memory, never to be heard of again.

Now, I do blog.  My main blog, The JAKA Files, is a way for me to write down things that happen, or memories I would like to preserve.  Writing comes naturally to me.  But so does photography. 

So let this be another expression of my creativity and my spirit. 

Things to note:
  • Picture junkies can not always stick to one picture.  For the sake of this project I will do so, but if there are more I want to share, I will link up to my main blog.
  • Writing junkies can not always post a picture without a little story behind them.  So, for that, you will have to deal with my ramblings about some, if not all, of my pictures.
That is all.  Let the good times roll, baby!!

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