Friday, February 19, 2010

Day Fifty.....

Applebee's Adventures

Ahhh, it sure is amazing how two very smart 3 year-olds can attempt a trickery such as Konnor and Kaden's this evening.

"mommy can i go to his house?" asked Konnor.  "Yeah can he?  Now or later?" Kaden added.  "Please mommy, please" Konnor pleaded, while Kaden pleaded as well.

Those two really tried to work me tonight at dinner!

Needless to say, they lost.  This mommy isn't getting suckered into anything.

They tried the same thing on my BFFFE, Jenny, but she didn't give in either. Haha.

ps, excuse the crappy quality.  Inside a restaurant + cell phone camera = crappy quality!  I did all I could but this was the best I could make it

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